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Crucial Elements to Your App Design

It begins with the concept

Some of you may notice a problem that seems too hard to resolve and you have a much better way to resolve it. Or it could simply be your imagination going wild conceiving something simply mind blowing. If an app can get the job done and you can put together the the key features of the app keep reading.

Making key identifications about your app

  1. Who is your target audience/ user demographics? Once you understand this part you will not have a problem mobilizing users to embrace the app which will eventually make it a success.
  2. Understanding the kind of mobile systems and devices that will host the app is crucial. IOS systems, Android systems, Hybrids, web etc. Understanding each device’s limitation in terms of performance, battery life, device support etc. is also important.
  3. What kind of Revenue Streams do you plan for the app. This multi-billion dollar industry can have your stamp on it if you understand how you approach your revenue model for the app. What are your offers that up-sell the user after free downloads or will you take a chance on making it a paid app when countless millions offer free options. How would you incorporate advertisements and probably have a paid version without ads. Would you offer subscriptions to some unique aspect of your app? etc. Your main goal is to have the goods to attract as many users as possible only if that’s not the plan..
  4. What is your budget? So many times the greatest ideas die with their owners because they just can’t get the finances to make it happen. But if you are determined there are so many resources waiting to give you the power to actualize the app.: Find a way to put together the funds to build your app. If the end result is great don’t be afraid to make the sacrifice for it.
  5. How is the design layout and architecture of your app. Here at VOLTSITE coming up with great UI’s and other features that create user savoring experiences is a must while keeping platform designs in mind.

What kind of platform do you plan to use for the App Design?

Because there are many factors that go into the design of an app it is important the right decisions are made before initiating the process

    1. One of the best approaches to app design, though costly and time consuming is the NATIVE platform. It requires expert knowledge of app development protocols, complex algorithms, coding and more
    2. The economical approach to app designing are WEB apps employing basic web design languages which may also employ already built kits to lessen the time of development.
    3. The next and probably most versatile approach which is trending nowadays are HYBRID apps. Employing both Native and Web app structures, ready to go apps are possible with the ability to create unique user experience layouts including access points to native APIs not found in other web languages like Javascript.

Our Experience

Custom Web Design


Responsive / Mobile Sites


Email Design


UI / UX Expertise


Our Experience

  • Web Design Layouts and Concepts
  • Detailed Content Structuring
  • Leads generation
  • Google 1st page ranking
  • Ad placements for results
  • Maintenance and up keep of sites

Wireframe, App Mock Up and Prototype

  1. Once you have carried out the steps above you are ready to create a live sample of your app. This takes you away from the idea with no action stage, and places your potential asset in front of those who can be a serious supporter of your app both stake holders and users alike. It is with this working prototype you can place investors in your corner and achieve great momentum deploying your app design to the right target audience.

Using Analytical tools:

Analytical tools remove the guess work from what is actually going on with your app. How many users on the platform, when they login, when they log out, features within the app that attract their attention the most, and so much more. By using analytical tools like google and the trending “predictive analytics” you can have a concise understanding of your app’s true performance metrics. There are a number of analytical tools on the market which can make your app extremely profitable.

Beta Stage Development

This is called the feedback loop at VOLTSITE. This is how you create initial awareness of your app. The stage is crucial because no one wants to create an app that is dead on arrival. Make sure you have thoroughly done your home and create an initial user experience that leaves them begging for more even if you don’t deliver the whole goods at once. During this period you understand what is most important to your target audience and hone in on what your real target demographics are.

During this period you eliminate bugs that may crop up during real time usage so that the real version is ready for market. However, note that there are also phases of testing that allows you to eliminate the maximum amount of bugs using few users during the Alpha testing.

Also it is important you know what you are aiming at in your beta stage feedback loop so you have a more robust app ready for the market

App Deployment – Strategic introduction release to Market

In this phase it is important that every detail of your plan is mapped out effectively because you would be dealing with real time consumers with little patience and thumbs down fanatics. The phase has to be managed properly with security protocols in place to ensure effective usage in live environments.

Analytics and Metrics – Understanding your users

With the rise in mobile use the direct relationship to increase in app usage is established. As such knowing what your users like, their demographics and critical information related to your app design is very crucial. Without this it is impossible to know how to truly target specific aspects of your app that may need improvement.

Some of this app analytics, include understanding user decisions when they arrive at your app portal, what is preventing clicks or sign ups, or pinpointing age, gender, affiliation or other restrictions to entry. Also how is your app being shared between users and what triggers this aspect of user experience on your app. Also how does profile demographics, whether it be location, gender, age, profession etc. play into the behavioral decisions of your users. When is the app at its peak period of usage? Once this is understood you can pinpoint who is the true user for this app and how to target that demographic.

Releasing upgrades

– Once you know the kind of users that love the app and what users don’t like about the app that keeps them away. These upgrades should be strategic and not simply done for the sake of introducing a different design layout because management decides they like a better color. It must be user specific and conscious and it can only be achieved by having the analytical tools in place.

At VOLTSITE our aim is to empower you with the right resources and expert professionals that can create your wildest dreams. Call us and learn more about how we can create your one of a kind app.

At VOLTSITE we will take a critical look at your design concept doing extensive research and trials to get to the crutch of your app design objectives. We would also work on using all these design principles to create the best app possible while using top notch marketing strategies to bring your product to market. We will be with you long after the app has launched to help support the mission you had in mind for your app.

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